Monday, August 27, 2012

Thus ends another chapter....

Dear Readers,

  First off, forgive me, for my time here is short.  The Work of all works Calls!  Shall I not answer?
  So what chapter am I referring to? I am referring to the chapter in where i Labored with, Endure unceasing trails with, and experienced unmeasurable joy with, my long lost Brother and Friend: Elder Neville, Yea even that one who will soon be known as Brett.   The Talents and skills he was able to contribute out here in Cincinnati with me are replaceable.  He shall be Dearly missed and i will be over joyed the day i get  see him again after this life, even this life of being purely servants to the Lord Jesus Christ.

   As his parting is soon coming....  I have been brought to much reflection on the fact that the Lord has Blessed me with many Friends. Old Friends even back from my Cowboy-ing days.  Friends that have been true blessings to me since my first meeting with them!!! Thou knowest who thou art!  All those who have been friends to me in the best of times but a special Thanks goes to them that were actively there for me in the worst of times.  Friends that have stayed friends. Friends who played as instruments in the hands of God, tho  didn't even believe in God.  Friends who Put themselves through much Pain, Trials, and hardships  to help me stay on the path of Righteousness, to them I will be forever in there debts and they will forever be my heros!  There are many who share their hearts with me because they feel they can trust me; There are many I trust my heart to!  I Pray for my Friends. For they have made me who i am. Through their examples i have become a greater person, Permently Changed for the better!!!! 

  Friends come in every place, size, shape, color, and even Creature. Some of my greatest friends are my family. They will always be so.  I love them so much!!!
  I have one friend that's different than others tho: A friend that is always there, even when all others are absent or fail, a friend who has experienced every thing i have ever gone through, a friend who knows me better than my self, a friend who gave his life for me. His name is Jesus.  He has reclaimed me through his suffering from tragically of sin and life.  

    An amazing Video about The Reclaiming power of the Atonement is Found on

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The Savoir is my Greatest Friend and Can be yours as well.  He is waiting for you to come to him and know him as such. Thus i Testify as His Authorized servant, in His Holy Name, Amen!

 Forever in friendship,

-Elder Andrew Anderson
A Missionary in The Great Ohio Columbus Mission
"...Sound Forth The Trumpet..."
"Wherefore, for this cause I gave unto you the commandment that ye should go to The Ohio; and there I will give unto you my law; and there you shall be endowed with power from on high;"

D&C 38:32