Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Mission President

Hello World!!!! How was everyones' 4th? Mine was amazing!!!!! I Met my New Mission President !!!!!!  He is so Amazing that I cant even begin to describe him!!!! But I will Try!!!
  His Name is President Nilsen. His wife is Sister Nilsen. They have 5 kids. (not quite sure on any of the spellings so please forgive me) The Oldest is Allie and she is 21 going to school curently in California. Next ish Josh who is 19 about to go on a mission (august). Jenny is 16 and she is quite amazing. Wills is 14 and is one of the "Smooth with the ladies" type (so funny!!) and Jack is 10 or 11 and he is very out Going.   He was prevoiusly a bishop and has lived in several countries Including Afica and Austraila (jenny was born in Sidney) They were living in utah where he owned a ranch and was ceo for cafe rio. He also had some President positions in Kfc, Pizza hut, taco bell, and burger king.
  The Nilsen Family is quite different from the Jensen maininly because its an entire family up here!!!!! the kids had to leave there school and friends to come live here for 3 years!!!!!  what detication! I didnt know That some one could be a mission President so young!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!  Its like trying to imagine my parents being Mission Presidents Right Now!!!!!!  I love the Nilsen Family and know that they have been called by a prophet of god to be here at this time!!!!! I cant wait to get to know them better! I have the Privlage of haveing 2 amazing mission presidents!!! Woot.
 Love you All!!!!!
(even if you dont write me)
(but it helps)

-Elder Andrew Anderson. A Missionary in The Great Ohio Columbus Mission
"...Sound Forth The Trumpet..."

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