Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello Readers!!!!!!!!!
     Its been great to hear from you!!!!! Well.... Some of you....  Things have been interesting here in Northern Kentucky!!!! We had our first snow of the season on 11-10-11. we were waiting to cross a road at a stop light and it was cold but snow hadn't even crossed our minds. As I was waiting to cross on my bike I saw a single snow flake float before my nose and said out loud "Its snowing" my companion said "no its not...." and then we watched a wall of snow fall before us!!!!!! then my companion said "you cursed us!!!! thanks alot!" as the light turned green and we went on to our the snow.    And as to tradition in Ohio-Kentucky, we will not see the sun untill next spring...and only maybe then. (except for a couple random splotches of sun). But dont worry cause:
"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day! When its Cold outside I've got the Month of May! I guess you'd say:'what could make me feel this way?' My Lord!!!! I'm talking about my Lord!!!"
(A rendition of "my girl" Used with out permission***)
  Bike Problems and slammed doors are a normal and daily occurrence here. Actually at the moment my companion(elder reynolds) bike is comprised of parts of his bike and parts of a old malfuncioning bike a member gave us for parts....  Its a pretty sight if you know what i mean....(haha)
  I would like to take a moment to Talk about Mothers.  Every single person, Every soul, has a mother to thank and to be eternally grateful to (for numerous reasons). Jesus Christ was the greatest and is the greatest ennoble of womanhood and motherhood. Just read the New Testament. He was constantly raising women to there rightfully position in the world and society.  Attached to this Email (or just get it from my mom) is a Mp3 file of  Poorly recorded but amazing song that was wrote and performed by those you here in the recording. The song is called "Momma"  I would like to dedicate it to all mothers (Past, Present, and Future) that have ever shared the love of Christ With their Children. And especially to my own mom: I Love You!!!!
  Transfers came and went and me and Elder Reynolds Both stayed here in Hebron.  Many Miricals happen around us then can only be caused by the Spirit of God.  I will recount on to my faithful readers:
We received a call while in a lesson so we let it go to voice mail. Afterwords we listened to the message they left.  The cal was from a investigator whos entire family was investigating (a patched together family of 6). She politely but firmly explained in the message that they no longer wanted to investigate the church and only wanted us to return to there home to Take back our "materials" (Book of Mormon and such). as you could imagine we were devastated. we had seen  this family come so far in the gospel and especially for the 16 year old daughter who had really caught the fire of the Gospel...or at least we had thought.... How is this a miracle you say? Hold on we are just getting to the good part.  No sooner than we had a few moments to allow our selves to mourn there loss, we receive a text from the 16 yr old saying that we needed to check our voice mail and that the voicemail did not apply to her.  We were overcome with joy despite the sorrow that had weighed us down just moments earlier.  Her parents are ok with her investigating and such just as long as they dont have to give her rides places. she came to church this last week and we taught her afterwords and committed her to baptism on December 10th!!! The Spirit of God really is a Fire that is burring in those who give place for Christ and desire to come as close as they can to him!!!!!!
      Friends, Family, Country Men!!!!!! "He who hath a ear to hear, Let him hear!!!" : Jesus is the Christ. The Son of God, The Prince of Peace, The Good Shepherd, The Savior and Redeemer of Mankind, The Messiah, The "Son of David" (i could keep going on but for times sake i will stop)  and he is the Only way back to our Father....  This i know Because of all the words of the prophets that have written and testified for our benefit. For there never was a prophet who testified ecept he testified of Christ who is to come. on top of  all of there testimonies, i  have also had the confirming voice of truth (the holy Spirit) Testify personal to me of that Unchanged able and Life Changing Truth.  So "I will DO my Best" to Invite others to come closer to Christ through: faith in Him and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End!!!!!! This is my "purpose and Intent! marked with Silence Reverent."  IN the  Beloved Name of our Older Brother who Lived and died for me and for us all, Even that of Jesus Christ, Amen!!!!!
   My love is sent out to all who need it and if you think you don't need it your getting it anyway, Because I Love you!!!!!!!
              Happily in the service of our Lord and our God,

-Elder Andrew Anderson
A Missionary in The Great Ohio Columbus Mission
"...Sound Forth The Trumpet..."
"Wherefore, for this cause I gave unto you the commandment that ye should go to The Ohio; and there I will give unto you my law; and there you shall be endowed with power from on high;"

D&C 38:32

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